Bonneau Edgard Joseph (1925-2015 )* ref.130

Photo Edgard Joseph Bonneau, Source Tribute Archive 

  • Year of birth in : September 12th, 1925 born in St-Narcisse de Lotbinière, QC
  • Year of death in : 
  • Father name :  Bonneau Joseph (1881-1946)
  • Mother name :  Langlois Délima
  • Education : He was educated in local schools, including St. Dominic High School.
  • Profession
    • A veteran of WWII, he served with the U.S. Army's 90th Infantry Division from 1943 to 1945. He landed on Utah Beach on the second day of the D-Day invasion, and fought through the entire liberation of France, earning two Purple Hearts in the process. After the war he returned to Lewiston and, on April 10, 1947 
    • He was a founder and partner in Bonneau's Mastermarket and co-owner of Bonneau's Shopping Plaza. 
    • He also served as a corporator and trustee of Androscoggin County Savings Bank. 
  • 1rst wife : Tartre Marie-Louise
  • 1rst Marriage : April 10th, 1947
  • Children : 
    1. Bonneau Suzanne
    2. Bonneau Ronald
    3. Bonneau Diane
    4. Bonneau Albert
  • 2nd wife : Tartre Isabelle C.
  • Marriage : February 2nd, 1963

Photo Edgar Bonneau 1942

Source Sun-Journal Monday July 3rd, 1961, the first wife of Edgard Bonneau, Marie-Louise Tartre 

Source News Paper Lewiston Edgard Bonneau one of the owners of the Bonneau Supermarket. 

Recherches : Bonneau Louise (1969 - )*ref.540

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