Bonneau Roland Armand (1947-  )*ref 281

  • Born in : 1947 Lewiston, Maine USA
  • Died in : 
  • Father name : Bonneau Euclide (1922-2016)
  • Mother name :   Langlois Délima
  • Profession :  
  • His wife: Beaudette Diane
  • Marriage :  4th of July 1970 in Lewiston, Maine, USA
  • Children :  
    1. Bonneau Dawna (1971-  )
    2. Bonneau Chris (1973-  )

Picture of Diane Beaudette Bonneau and Roland Bonneau wedding's in 1970

Diane Beaudette Bonneau 1970

Source Portland Press Herald, 05 July, 1970, Sunday. Wedding of Diane T. Beaudette and Roland Armand Bonneau

Picture of Roland Bonneau and Diane Beaudette Bonneau 2020

Picture of their children Dawna Bonneau (1971- ) and Chris Bonneau (1973-  )

Picture of Diane Beaudette Bonneau and her daughter Dawna Bonneau 2013

This is the logo of the Bonneau’s Supermarket, in Lewiston. 

Picture are from Facebook and given by Diane Beaudette Bonneau a huge thanks. One day Diane decided to wrote me on Facebook, via messenger, because she saw I comments from me to my cousin in Lewiston. I was really happy to meet her via Facebook. Thank you Diane for your generosity. Thank you to help me to give my website a part of your history. 

Recherches : Louise Bonneau (1969 -    )

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