Bono Sonny (1935-1998)

Bono's official Congressional portrait, from Wikipedia

Photo de Sonny Bono

Year of birth in : February 16th,1935, Detroit Michigan USA

Year of death in : January 5th, 1998 Skiingaccident Staline Nevada USA https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/campaigns/junkie/links/bono.htm

Father name : BonoSanto (Sam)

Mother name : Dimercurio Zena (Jean) ( -2005)

Education :

Profession : American singer, actor and politician

Actor and signer

Owner of a restaurant in West Hollywood, Bono’s Restaurant 1982 and also one for a while in Houston Texas and sold to his partner. He finally closed the one in Melrose avenue to reopened a new one in Palm Spring until 1995.

Mayor of Palm Spring California from 1988 to 1992

Elected in 1994 United States House of Representatives to represent California’s 44th congressional district, thru is death in 1998

1st wife : Rankin Donna

1st Marriage : Novembre 3rd, 1954 - 1962

Children 1stmarriage:

Bono Christine (Christy) (1958- )

2rd wife: Cherilyn Sarkisian (Cher) (1946- )

2rd Marriage : 1964 - 1975

Children 2rd marriage :Bono Chaz (born Chastity) (1969- )

3rd wife : Coelho Susie

3rd Marriage: January 1st, 1981 - 1984

4th wife : Whitaker Mary

4th Marriage: 1986

Children 4th marriage:Bono Chesare Elan (1988- )

Bono Chianna Maria (1991- )

Facebook page of Sonny :https://www.facebook.com/SonnyBonoTC

Sonny Bono 1966 , source : Wikipedia

Photo around 1970 Cher, Chaz born Chastity Bono and Sonny Bono Source :https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/cher-through-the-years-from-sonny-bonos-sidekick-to-pop-icon/

1973 Sonny Bono and Cher. Source : https://www.bobgruen.com/sonny-cher/

Photo source : Trip Advisor : Grave of Sonny Bono - Photo de Desert Memorial Park, Palm Springs

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